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Fishing Destinations


The Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA) and surrounding Superior National Forest is a vast wilderness area that covers over a million acres.  The wilderness area alone stretches for 200 miles along the Ontario border.  Within that area there are over 1600 canoe routes of streams, creeks, big and small lakes, rivers, and even an old reservoir or two!  The area is loaded with fur trade history, Native American lore and history, an international border with Canada, and good portions of the geography of three counties of Northern Minnesota: Cook, Lake, and St. Louis.  Read more about the Superior National Forest and Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

We offer trips for all kinds of people interested in canoe camping and/or fishing in the wilderness, from beginner to expert.  Our trips have clients that work hard at paddling and portaging canoes and gear, sleep in tents, cook over open fire and camp stoves, void of cell phone and other perks of civilization for the duration of their trip to the wilderness area.  The BWCA does not allow for motorized craft (there are small exceptions on some lakes), just muscle power!

We offer trips that can be custom tailored for your expectations of a wilderness trip.  Trips can be designed to stay on large lakes, small creeks and streams, small lakes, some portaging or lots of portages, your call.  We love to re-trace historical trails and portages if that’s your bag!  All over and in between are waters that swim with trophy smallmouth bass and Northern pike, walleye, and lake trout.  Our trips are all inclusive with all camping and fishing gear, food, permits, canoes, paddles, and guide.  We just ask you bring a willingness to work a bit and a smile.

We offer canoe trips for individuals, couples, and families.  We are avid fly fishing enthusiasts as well as spin fishing enthusiasts.  We look forward to fishing both methods each and every year.

Ice fishing is a wonderful way to experience the winter solitude of the BWCA.  We take day trips to popular winter fishing destinations targeting lake trout, splake, rainbow trout, walleye, and Northern Pike.  While these trips afford one the opportunity to see another side of the BWCA canoe experience, they require a moderate to high degree of physical exertion.  We usually snowshoe or ski 1 – 8 miles in a day of fishing.  This is ice fishing at its simplest form, hand auger and a couple of rods!     

Other Locations

If wilderness camping is not your thing, we can also visit one of the hundreds of lakes outside the wilderness with canoes, one-man pontoons, or float tube!  We have many choices for you to pursue your quite paddle, pictograph viewing, or warm water fly fishing dreams or spin fishing desires.   Of course, we will have a discussion about your expectations and options for the types of waters you want to fish.  Most destinations outside the BWCA are on the Superior National Forest or surrounding state or county land.

We typically choose a boat based on the type of ramp that will be used to access fishing waters targeting your desired species.  Of course, we will have a discussion about your expectations and options for the types of waters you want to fish.  Most destinations outside the BWCA are on the National Forest or surrounding state or county land.

Float tubes, one-man pontoons, and canoes outside the BWCA are a fun and unique way to experience the boreal forest and the many species of fish that call it home.  Ask us about these options.

Ice fishing in heated portable ice shelters via snowmobile is another way to experience a North Country tradition while visiting.  We fish area lakes outside the BWCA each winter for popular species such as walleye, lake trout, Northern pike, rainbow trout, splake, and panfish.  Our heated portable ice shelters are comfortable and warm while you enjoy this unique winter experience.

Trips outside the BWCA can be arranged for pick-up and drop-off service at your place of lodging.  Airport service can be arranged in advance for either Duluth or Minneapolis St. Paul International Airports.