About Us

Boreal Triangle Guide Service was founded in 1998 as a full service guide business.

We believe the following:


To provide quality fishing and recreational experiences in northeastern Minnesota’s forested arrowhead region.


Service Area

We serve the boreal region of northeastern Minnesota, from the St. Louis River and Bay, to the Pigeon River drainage, to Rainy Lake.

Who We Are

We are a small family guide service committed to helping you enjoy the beauty of the area we call home.  We are licensed by the United States Forest Service to serve Superior National Forest, including the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area.  Our seasonal patterns are defined by the outdoors.  Summer brings us a time to enjoy the BWCA to canoe, camp, fly fish, spin fish, bird watch, look for pictographs, and hike.  As Fall arrives we continue to do most of the activities above and add grouse hunting, duck hunting and scouting for deer culminating in our deer camp of family and friends.  Winter brings us to the hard water fishing season which we enjoy both via snowmobile, outside the BWCA, and ski/shoe into the wilderness.  Spring is a time of rest and repair!  We spend most of our Springs looking over gear, scouting out new ideas for the coming paddling season or fishing season, tying new flies for pike or lake trout, cleaning and working on boat motors, fixing canoes and canoe paddles, packs and other gear.  We sneak out every year and try our best to catch some native steelhead on the fly, but usually get humbled.  So that’s what we do here, give us a call and we would be excited to share our woods and waters of the BWCA and surrounding boreal forest with you and your family.

We have a small one-room cabin in the Wilderness that we visit quite a bit of the year, especially if we do not have any trips planned.  Our services at the cabin are quite null: no phone, no electricity, no road to cabin, and no cell service……just as we like it.  If we have a trip planned, it usually involves both Amy and I, so if you call and do not get us no worries, just leave a note and we will get back to you upon our return.

Thanks for thinking of us.

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